October 2012
This outcome evaluation was supported through funds provided by Spectrum Youth & Family Services of Burlington, Vermont.

The Rapid Referral Program is a partnership between Spectrum Youth & Family Services of Burlington, Vermont and the Chittenden County District Court. The objective of this evaluation of the Rapid Referral Program was to investigate the feasibility of generating a valid test control group that could be used in confirming the significance of the results from the outcome evaluation conducted on the Program in June, 2012. The result of this outcome evaluation revealed a low level of recidivism (18.7%) for subjects who had participated in the Program. However since a control group was not available for comparison, it was not possible to determine from the research whether the low recidivism rate was due to the Program or due to other factors. This evaluation was initiated to address this issue.

The research confirmed that it is feasible to develop a valid control group for use in comparing recidivism results from outcome evaluations. Comparing the recidivism rate for Program participants (18.7%) with the recidivism rate observed for the control group (84.3%) revealed a significant reduction in recidivism, confirming the original conclusion that the Rapid Referral Program appears to be a promising approach for reducing recidivism among Program participants.

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